The 2016 AHR Expo shines its spotlight on cutting-edge developments in air-conditioning, heating and refrigeration, including industrial process technologies.

According to show organizers, more than 80 percent of the show exhibitors plan to introduce new or upgraded products, systems and technologies won the show floor. The event will be held January 25-27 in Orlando.

Among the products expected to be on display are:

  • A wireless Bluetooth transducer app for monitoring refrigerant pressure, with remote, real-time data management capabilities from any WiFi-enabled device.
  • Brazed plate heat exchangers with maximum performance at both full and partial loads, and capabilities as either an evaporator or a condenser.
  • A high-temperature cushioned clamping system with proprietary thermoplastic rubber that resists high heat and facilitates elongated pipe life by minimizing vibration fatigue.
  • Hand-held testing instrumentation for facility air balancing that pairs with wireless probes/modules to display and log measurements of differential pressure, air velocity, volumetric airflow, temperature, humidity, dewpoint and wet-bulb temperatures.
  • Cooling tower filtration system designed to overcome inefficiencies in water usage and power consumption associated with older technologies used on cooling tower basins.
  • Factory-calibrated infrared sensors for the precise detection of refrigerants in enclosed spaces.
  • Field-programmable controller offering four gas channel inputs from digital and/or analog transmitters to monitor toxic, combustible and refrigerant gases in light industrial applications.
  • Smart phone application-driven portable clamp-on ultrasonic flow meter for monitoring the flow of liquid through metal or plastic pipe in a range of applications.

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