Cooling towers from Tower Tech Inc., Oklahoma City, will incorporate AccuShield antimicrobial products by Brentwood Industries as part of an overall cooling tower solution for combating the spread of Legionella bacteria.

With independent third-party laboratory test results proving efficacy against many bacteria, including Legionella, the use of Brentwood’s AccuShield products provides an additional measure of protection against the spread of Legionnaires’ disease from cooling towers. By combining antimicrobial fill and drift eliminators with Tower Tech’s cooling tower design, the potential for Legionella to grow and spread is greatly reduced, say the manufacturers.

The Tower Tech cooling tower incorporates a totally enclosed basin that eliminates algae (a primary food source for Legionella) and keeps water moving at a high velocity to make it more difficult for Legionella to breed. The tower also utilizes Brentwood’s CF80MAx drift eliminators to keep the water — and any associated bacteria — inside the tower. With a drift rate of just 0.0004 percent of the recirculating water flow rate (wf), this yields an 80 to 92 percent reduction compared to more typical drift rates of 0.002to 0.005 wf, according to Brentwood.