ElectroFin E-Coat by Luvata received C5 classification — top certification for coatings used in marine and industrial areas with high salinity. The coating also received the the highest durability rating (greater than 15 years before first major maintenance) according to ISO 12499.

The C5-Marine and Industrial/High Durability certification is commonly requested for industrial and power generation heat exchangers, chillers, industrial radiators, condensers, process coolers, air-handing units (AHUs), air and dry coolers, mobile AC, data centers and precision AC. For these applications such as these, ElectroFin E-coat provides corrosion protection and long-term reliability.

ElectroFin E-coat with UV topcoat fulfills the requirements for both copper and aluminum panels, which are the most common materials used for heat exchangers (finned pack, microchannel and parallel flow). Using the E-coat on these products extends their corrosion resistance for over 15 years even in the most critical environments, according to Luvata. ElectroFin E-coat is ideally suited for industrial areas with high humidity and an aggressive atmosphere, such as nuclear and power plants, refineries, steam turbines, deserts, coastal and offshore areas with high salinity, and buildings or areas with nearly permanent condensation and high pollution.

There are five corrosion-protection classes in which paint coatings are subdivided. The C5-Marine & Industrial/High Durability classification is considered the top certification for heat exchanger coatings in terms of application, performance and durability. In addition, ISO 12944 is considered the most comprehensive and frequently accepted certification. This certification includes coating thickness and adhesion testing (according to ISO 2808 and ISO 2409); long exposure in water and high-humidity atmosphere (according to ISO 2812 and ISO 6270); and salt-spray test and exposure in chemicals (according to ISO 9227 and ISO 2812).