A combined heat and power plant in Porvoo, Finland, is set to receive three boiler plants and an automation system from Valmet in an order valued at approximately $100 million.

The Kilpilahti Power Plant, which is scheduled for startup in 2018, is 40 percent owned by Neste, 40 percent by Veolia and 20 percent by Borealis. The Valmet-supplied equipment will produce and supply steam, electricity and feed water to Neste’s refinery and Borealis’ petrochemical plant.

The order includes three boilers, flue-gas cleaning systems and a power plant automation system. One boiler is based on circulating fluidized bed (CFB) technology and two are oil and gas boilers. Each has a fuel capacity of 150 MW, and each will be equipped with flue-gas cleaning systems including baghouse filters and wet scrubbers.

Valmet DNA distributed control system will cover the whole power plant. The contract also covers installation, training and commissioning for the equipment.

The boilers combine high efficiency combustion with various solid and gaseous side stream fuels from the refinery. New power plant will comply with the latest environmental regulations, including the European Commission's Industrial Emission Directive (IED).