Bionomic Industries Inc.

Designed to handle gas capacities from 500 through 250,000 acfm, RotaBed has a swirl-induced Coriolis grid that achieves fluidized bed stability. This helps ensure efficient gas mixing and transfer efficiency. The scrubber’s turbulent, plug-resistant mass transfer bed is up to 99 percent open in the fluid-contact scrubbing zone. It provides more than 99 percent gas absorption and particulate collection on most applications. A two-stage chevron mist eliminator ensures complete droplet removal from the gas exiting the scrubber. Typical applications include acid gas removal from high temperature thermal oxidizers; chlorine dioxide and sulfur dioxide removal in pulp and paper bleach plants; acid and alkali fume removal from pickling, galvanizing and cleaning lines, including HCL regeneration plants; odor control and VOC removal from process operations; product dryers; and acid, gas and particulate scrubbing in the process industries.