Valmet will deliver a sulfuric acid plant to Metsa Group’s bioproduct mill in Finland for in-house sulfuric acid production.

The plant consists of a concentrated non-condensable gas (CNCG) incinerator and a sulfuric acid converting plant, which will have a production capacity of approximately 35 tons of sulfuric acid per day. It will allow the bioproduct mill to become nearly self-sufficient in sulfuric acid because the odorous gases produced in the pulping process can be converted into sulfuric acid. The amount of sulfate lead to the mill's effluent treatment plant will be reduced, and the sulfate load in the nearby waterways will be smaller compared to the current mill in Äänekoski. The CNCG incineration plant can be used as a backup boiler for producing process steam by incinerating CNCG, tall oil pitch or liquid methanol.

Plant startup of is scheduled for the third quarter of 2017.