Valmet will deliver a white liquor filter to Rottneros Vallvik pulp mill located on the east coast of Sweden. White liquor filter is part of the pulp mill's chemical recovery process.

The investment is part of Rottneros AB’s larger rebuild project called Agenda 500, which aims to increase availability and the total production volume at both of Rottneros AB's pulp mills, Rottneros Mill and Vallvik Mill, and with a target to reach a capacity of 500,000 tons per year.

The white liquor filter will replace an existing filter delivered by Valmet in 1990. A larger filter is needed to handle the capacity increase at the mill. Startup of the new filter is scheduled for autumn 2016.

Valmet's delivery includes a new PDW-type white liquor filter, erection, startup services and basic engineering for piping, instruments, and electrical and process control. The PDW pressure-disc filter produces clear white liquor and washes the lime mud. The high white liquor yield increases upstream capacity and eliminates the potential process disturbances that increased amount of dregs and other nonprocess elements in the white liquor can cause.

Valmet previously announced it will also deliver a new bleach plant to Rottneros pulp mill.