IHEA will host three concurrent seminars — focusing on safety standards for industrial heating equipment, industrial combustion technologies and induction heating— on September 19-20 at the Cincinnati Marriott RiverCenter in Covington, Ky. A joint tabletop exhibition with companies from every technology featured throughout the three seminars.

Each course focuses on specific technologies:

  • The safety standards and codes seminar provides safety training for those involved with the design, manufacture, service or operation of ovens, furnaces, kilns, dryers and thermal oxidizers.  Session topics include Class A, B and C ovens and furnaces; PLC-based burner management systems; pulse-fired systems; multiple-burner systems; safety shutoff valves; purge and restart requirements and methods; and gas line evacuation (purging) and charging.
  • The combustion seminar is designed for those responsible for the operation, design, selection and maintenance of fuel-fired industrial process ovens and furnaces.  Session topics include fluid flow and piping practices for combustion systems; Radiant Tube Burner Concepts; flame safety and sequence control; and fuel/air ratio control.
  • The induction seminar has been revised for the 2016 event. Session topics include induction technology basics; induction heating equipment review; induction processes, applications and markets; and what is needed to set up an induction operation.

To register for the seminars, visit www.ihea.org.