Watt-Flex heaters transfer heat efficiently and are easy to replace to reduce the cost of process heating. The split-sheath construction allows the heaters to expand when energized for good bore contact and maximized heat transfer, even in oversized bores. The split-sheath cartridge heater has a continuous coil to eliminate cold sections, ensure a uniform temperature profile, and allow a hot-tip option. Denser magnesium oxide compaction around the coil provides good heat conduction to the sheath, enabling higher operating temperatures, cooler internal operation and up to five times longer life. The heaters contract when de-energized for warranted removability from bores. Also available is a replaceable external needle-type thermocouple, which can be positioned for temperature measurement anywhere along the heater’s length. The heaters can be zoned for custom temperature profiles, and they are offered with a choice of leads: straight or right-angle headers, flexible stainless steel hose or braid (to protect against flexing and abrasion), threaded post terminals, fiberglass or silicon rubber sleeving, an internal ground wire, and a quick-disconnect lead.

Dalton Electric Heating Co.