Processing extruded silicone in a flat, rectangular or profile shape can be cured horizontally with a roll-in-place infrared heating system. The heating chamber is mounted on a cart with twin electric lifts for height and tilt adjustability, guide rollers with adjustable height and width, and optional noncontact optical thermometer used to read product temperature. The system can be used in tandem to replace a salt bath without the mess or conveyorized heat tunnel without the belt marks. The first chamber will provide a skin cure and locks the shape. The second chamber provides additional heating time to provide the full cure. The industrial cart with fixed and pivoting wheels and locks supports a color touchscreen operator display and full electrical control system. A system plumbing assembly is integrated to distribute and monitor coolant flow and temperature for chamber cooling. A compressed air circuit will open the chamber lid on a line stoppage to prevent product damage and can be operated locally or remotely.

Precision Control Systems Inc. / Research Inc.