Type NHL, HPL, HPR and NHM have been developed for medium- and large-size heating plants for heating calendars, presses, large buildings and similar applications which require temperatures greater than 284°F (140°C). The design of the pumps is based on long years of experience in the field of handling hot water and grants high availability and reliability in operation. Series NHL is designed for pressures up to 45 bar at 464°F (238°C). Hot water pumps in this series offer a maximum capacity of approximately 3960 gal/min (900 m³/hr) and differential head of approximately 492’ (150 mLC). Series HPL/HPR is designed for pressures up to 80 bar at 536°F (280°C); maximum capacity is approximately 1320 gal/min (300 m³/hr); and differential head approximate 197’ (60 mLC).

Dickow Pump Co.