A technical document that looks at steam’s role in industrial heat processing is offered as a no-cost download from the Fluid Controls Institute (FCI), Cleveland.

FCI notes that steam, which powered the industrial revolution of yesterday, is still the most popular heat transfer medium in many industries. Moreover, steam continues to be an efficient heat source of industry throughout the world.

The FCI Steam Trap Section developed TechSheet 103 to provide information on the applications and advantages of steam. The technical document explains:

  • The basics of heat transfer.
  • How steam is an alternative to circulating pumps.
  • How to customize steam pressure for each application.
  • How to distribute steam heat in industrial applications.

The FCI is a nonprofit association comprising manufacturers of fluid control and conditioning equipment such as regulators, pipeline strainers, steam traps, control valves, solenoid valves and secondary pressure drainers (commonly referred to as pressure pumps).