Two programs to assess the credentials of individuals who perform pump systems assessments will help ensure those that are performing evaluations are effective. The certification and examination processes within the program have been developed within the framework of national and international standards, including ISO 500001 Energy Management, ISO 500002 Energy Audit, ISO 500003 Energy Management System Audits and Auditor Competency, and ISO/ASME 14414 on Pump Systems Energy Assessment. 

Hydraulic Institute, Parsippany, N.J., will offer two courses:

  • A one-time pump system assessment (PSA) certificate will provide attendees with a thorough understanding of all the critical components in conducting a Level I pump systems assessment based upon the ISO 14414 standard and information coming in from HI subject matter experts. It is a fully online integrated software course designed to help pump end-users run their systems more efficiently. It is suited for energy management professionals, utilities demand account managers, engineers and maintenance personnel.
  • A pump systems assessment certification program (PSAP)master certification will offer a higher level of technical competency to implement Level II and III pump system assessment in the field.  The program will teach the essential processes, steps and proven methodologies in managing and conducting a complex pumping system assessment in order to identify high value optimization opportunities in any industrial market. Certification must be renewed every three years to maintain competency.

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