CombiTherm Plus provides efficient transfer of hot oil or hot water in applications such as injection molding, chemical processing, asphalt and tar processing, deep-frying systems, steam generators, fuel heaters and heat recovery systems. The pump keeps fluid temperatures uniform to ensure processes are efficient and predictable. Its design protects seal faces and bearings from the heat of the fluid, ensuring durable, low maintenance, long life operation. The pump’s design provides enhanced cooling using optimized cooling fans and large fins to keep the temperature around the shaft sealing below 220°F (104°C) even at high process temperatures up to 660°F (349°C). The heavy-duty centrifugal unit is centerline mounted, which allows thermal expansion without affecting shaft alignment. The pump is designed to handle high pressure throughout the flow range: hot oil pumps operate up to 360 psi and hot water pumps operate up to 450 psi.

SPX Flow