Thermal Product Solutions shipped a custom industrial oven to a contact lens manufacturer. The Gruenberg batch oven will be used to cure a line of Ultra contact lenses with moisture seal technology.

Designed to meet production requirements of 10,000 lenses per hour, the unit has work chamber dimensions of 36” by 36” by 48” and a maximum temperature of 302°F (150°C). It utilizes horizontal airflow with a nitrogen atmosphere to provide a low O2 environment to cure the product at ±9°F (±5°C) uniformity throughout the oven. The oven, which will be used continuously to meet operational capacity requirements, is electrically heated and utilizes a water coil to provide faster cooldown cycles and maximize the total curing cycles.

The curing cycle can be programmed for the number of curing steps, set temperature, ramp rate and target oxygen level for each stem in the cycle.