An electrically heated, 500°F (260°C) walk-in oven, No. 973 is used to cure rubber parts in rotating baskets. Workspace dimensions measure 36 x 60 x 60", and 40 KW are installed in Incoloy-sheathed tubular elements. A 4200-ft3/min, 3-hp recirculating blower motor provides combination horizontal/vertical airflow to the workload. A motorized roller rack is onboard with two levels of 4" dia. driven rollers, each supported by metallized carbon bearings. Each level of rollers holds two 20” dia. stainless steel, perforated drums, rotating at 6 rpm, which carry the workload. The rollers are driven via sprockets and a roller chain, exterior to the oven rear, by a 0.75-hp AC motor with inverter variable-speed control, gear reducer and torque limiter. The walk-in oven has 4" thick insulated walls throughout and an aluminized steel interior and exterior. A top-mounted heat chamber, single front door and an access door ease access to clean the heaters.

Grieve Corp.