A scheduled shutdown of a pulp line at CMPC Guaíba's pulp line in Brazil will allow the mill to reach its annual capacity of 1.5 million tons/year of bleached eucalyptus pulp. CMPC contracted Valmet to perform the maintenance shutdown, which was carried out between July 31 and August 10. According to Valmet, it was one of the biggest shutdowns managed by the company.

Valmet was in charge of the overall maintenance of the core equipment delivered to this Southern Brazilian pulp mill. This included cooking, the fiber line, drying machines, causticizing, the evaporation plant and the recovery boiler. All maintenance activities were performed in line with Valmet's and CMPC's safety, quality and environmental criteria.

The shutdown at CMPC Guaíba G2 was executed by Valmet's service and project execution teams. Taking into account third-party companies and suppliers, Valmet managed altogether more than 600 people at the site during 10 days.

Guaíba pulp mill in Rio Grande do Sul state in southern Brazil has two pulp production lines. The new line G2 was delivered by Valmet and was started up in May 2015.