Difficult-to-disperse powders can pose a challenge to food manufacturers due to the formation of lumps or "fish-eyes" during processing. To help processors deal with powder-dispersion issues, Alfa Laval developed a hybrid powder mixer and rotary-jet mixer system. By combining the two components into a single system, the Lund, Sweden-based manufacturer says it is able to ensure instant, uniform dispersion of powdered ingredients using a single motor.

The hybrid powder mixer creates high dynamic shear in three steps using a single motor shaft. The two-stage pump — one high shear stage and one stage fitted with a motor with a frequency converter — enables an output pressure of up to 4 bar. It also drives the circulation loop to the mixing tank.

Installed inside the mixing tank on the circulation loop, the rotary jet mixer is powered by the product flow and pressure from the hybrid powder mixer. The rotating, four-nozzle device can disperse powdered ingredients and ensure product homogeneity without an agitator.

Alfa Laval produced a white paper on the powder-mixing system. Download it here.