With the two webinars we have planned for December, you can gain valuable knowledge while avoiding the hassles of traveling during the winter. What’s better than that?

On December 6, experts from several heat transfer fluid manufacturers will present unbiased, noncommercial information about heat transfer fluids. Tailored for fluid users in the process industries, “Tips for Extending the Life of Your Heat Transfer Fluid” explains how to optimize your operating practices to extend the life of your silicone- and mineral oil-based heat transfer fluids. Attend the live event on December 6 and get practical advice you can put to use in your plant.

With more than 80 years of combined experience with heat transfer fluids, the speakers — experts working daily with thermal fluids from a range of manufacturers — are uniquely positioned to give honest insights into this essential product and how it can best perform in your plant. The presenters for the December 6 event are Budd Lee of Dow; Ryan Ritz of Paratherm – Heat Transfer Fluids; Mark Smith of MultiTherm; and Wayne Sparck of ORG Chem Group. During the hour long session, they will explain:

  • Typical causes of thermal fluid fouling and solutions to avoid fluid degradation.
  • How high fluid film and bulk temperatures can affect industrial heat transfer fluids.
  • The role that flow plays in fluid degradation.
  • How to start up and stop your thermal fluid heating system to extend fluid life.
  • What you should and shouldn’t do on the mechanical side to extend the life of your fluid.

Those who register and attend the live presentation — sign up at webinars.process-heating.com — can have questions answered live by the panel. This event is the third in a five-part series on high temperature thermal fluids for industrial heat transfer. Visit webinars.process-heating.com to register for the December 6 event or watch the archived versions of Part 1: What to Consider When Making the Buying Decision about a Heat Transfer Fluid for Your System, and Part 2: Thermal Fluid Degradation: Sources and Solutions.

Just one week later, industrial water treatment expert Paul Puckorius will present a webinar with our sister publication, Process Cooling. Industrial Water Treatment: Tips about Legionella and Reuse Waters will explain the ASHRAE 188 “Legionella standard” and the methods to minimize or prevent Legionella in cooling towers.

Legionella in cooling towers is a key issue with the recent issuance of the ASHRAE Standard 188. At the same time, applications for recycled water — often called water reuse in cooling tower water systems — continue to grow to address water scarcity concerns.

During the one-hour webinar, Paul will explain how to evaluate the acceptance of reuse or used waters. Learn the benefits and disadvantages of reuse waters for industrial water cooling via cooling tower water systems.

Visit webinars.process-cooling.com to register for the December 13 event.