Enerfab is expanding its overall service offering to include heat transfer equipment services formerly provided by American Power Services (APS).

The Cincinnati-based company will integrated the new capabilities into its overall service offering. In addition, the company has further expanded its core service to include testing, on-site repair, design and fabrication of tubular heat exchangers. Regardless of exchanger sizes, pressures, temperatures and material alloys.

Available services include:

  • Thermal and mechanical design and fabrication.
  • On-site troubleshooting and engineering.
  • Non-destructive, eddy current and remote field testing.
  • Tube cleaning, plugging, sleeving and tube liners.
  • On-site and shop rebuilding, retubing and upgrading heat exchangers, feedwater heaters and main steam condensers.
  • Tube removal for metallurgical analysis.
  • Inner-diameter tube cutting technology.
  • Mechanical, hydraulic and explosive tube expansion.

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