Oven Industries (OI), Camp Hill, Pa., expanded its in-house printed circuit board protective capabilities by adding precision conformal coating equipment. The boards are used in the company’s line of electronic control solutions for thermal processing equipment.

A thin protective chemical coating that conforms to the circuit board topology, a conformal coating is used to protect electronic circuits from environments that may contain moisture, vibration and chemical contaminants. Such environmental conditions can cause a printed circuit board to have intermittent functionality or not operate at all.

It is important during the manufacture of a printed circuit board assembly to minimize the amount of times the product is touched or handled by individuals. Oven Industries brought the conformal coating equipment in house to reduce the number of board touchpoints while eliminating outsourcing. OI expects the equipment to be fully operational by January 1.

The company’s industrial temperature controllers can be used in industries and applications such as airborne and ground military systems; food processing equipment; and industrial machinery for use with paint, glue and plastics.