Guess who’s turning 100? The Hydraulic Institute (HI) will celebrate its centennial in 2017, and — as part of an initiative to position it for the next 100 years of service to the pump industry — redesigned its logo.

The new logo includes a hidden “H” that reflects the nature of pumps (always there, working behind the scenes) and arrows that represent a pump’s purpose (flow and movement).  According to HI, this movement reflects the evolution over the past 99 years from when pump manufacturers first came together to discuss common issues and develop technical standards.

Members of HI include engineers and designers from pump and supplier organizations. The organization also works directly with end-users, owners and operators who share their experience and challenges. This collaboration helps HI create resources such as standards, training and certification programs for pumping systems.

As it approaches its second century, HI is working to coordinate its test standard, lab accreditation and product labels around the HI Energy Rating. The rating promotes energy efficiency and qualifies labeled products for utility rebates.