A continuous process oven designed by Lewco Inc. will be used by a Tier 2 automotive manufacturer to cure polyurethane foam.

The customer’s process consists of filling aluminum molds with polyurethane foam. The molds are fixed on steel carriers that pass through the oven at 176°F (80°C) to cure the foam. Once the mold reaches the end of the oven, the foam is transferred to the next step of the process.

A single, direct-fired, natural gas heater box supplies two independent oven zones, each with a capacity of 2 million BTU/hr. A reduced-flow fuel train permits operation as low as 140°F (60°C). At low fire position, the gas flow is reduced to allow the oven to operate at a lower temperature. The complete fuel train is NFPA 86 compliant.

The unit is equipped with a programmable logic controller (PLC) that incorporates temperature control, safety and motion abilities. The Honeywell UDC2500 temperature controller with a redundant high limit controller provides precise temperature control and over-temperature protection. The PLC and temperature controller communicate over Ethernet IP, allowing remote monitoring at the customer’s master control panel.