Companies seeing to improve their current strategies for disposal of drill cuttings, drilling muds, tank-bottom sludge and other oil-based muds (OBMs) can calculate whether thermal desorption equipment makes sense using an online tool. Developed by Vulcan Systems, a manufacturer of thermal desorption solutions, the ROI calculator can be found on the company’s website.

Vulcan thermal desorption units process oil-based muds in indirectly fired rotary kilns. They create an oxygen-deficient environment where hydrocarbons can be separated from the base material before being condensed back into their original structure to be recovered and reused. Additionally, treated solids have little to no residual hydrocarbons, easing disposal.

The thermal desorption ROI calculator can be used to estimate the technology’s impact on four metrics: feed, revenue, expense and equipment requirements. The tool’s calculations are based on data collected from Vulcan client case studies. Each user receives a customized ROI report that includes net annual revenue and expenses data.

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