Two models, DewMaster and PDM75, are offered with the company’s X3 high performance chilled mirror moisture sensor. The sensor is a drift-free, primary method device with certification traceable to NIST. The chilled mirror sensors used in these analyzers are not affected by long exposure to high or low moisture conditions. They respond quickly, without ambiguity, when moisture levels change. Special isolation or sampling systems are not required. When temperature or pressure sensors are added, the analyzers display user-selectable units of measurement in °C/°F dew/frost point temperature, relative humidity, parts per million by volume or weight, wet bulb and dry bulb temperatures, grains per pound or grams per kilogram. The analyzers are suited for measuring moisture content in dynamic processes such as moisture-sensitive process environments, purged laser systems, isolation chambers, semiconductor manufacturing, product and monomer storage, and high purity welding.

Edgetech Instruments Inc.