Sanitary, custom, candy processing system combines a vibrating fluid bed dryer, cooler, screener and integral baghouse collector to dry agglomerated sugar, cool it with ambient air and screen out oversized chunks. Each stage uses the company’s proprietary vibrating technology to gently advance the hot, sticky sugar from the dryer infeed to the screener discharge without lumping, clumping or clogging. Developed for a major candy/food manufacturer, the entire food-grade system has sanitary, stainless steel construction for both structural and product contact areas, with polished welds for smooth product movement. Also effective for agglomerated coffee, breakfast cereals and other food products, the design positions the baghouse collector directly atop the fluid-bed dryer to capture any fine sugar particles entrained in the dryer airstream and return them to the process for recovery as finished product instead of allowing loss as dusty waste. This design also captures the heated process air and returns it to the dryer for reuse for tangible savings in energy and a reduction in air exhausted to the environment.

Witte Co.