R. Hueter Co. of Beverly, Mass., installed a heat-treating oven from Lucifer Furnaces. The machine shop, which specializes in male and female radio frequency (RF) connector contact production, will use the unit primarily around 600°F (315°C) for two-hour cycles. The oven will be used achieve a specific Rockwell hardness with small lots of Becu pins under a nitrogen atmosphere to reduce surface oxidation in order to achieve a scale-free, bright finish.

The company chose a Honeywell DC2500 temperature controller with a soak timer to shut off the heating elements at the end of a programmed cycle. A flowmeter mounted and piped to the oven eases connection to the atmosphere supply.

With a chamber size of 9 x 12 x 12", the benchtop unit is insulated with 5" of both insulating firebrick and mineral-wool backup. Built for operation using inert atmosphere, the oven is crafted with a continuously welded outer steel shell and gasketed roof plate.