Valmet will supply an evaporation line to be installed at Sappi Southern Africa’s pulp mill in Ngodwana, South Africa. Scheduled to start up in late 2018, it will meet the future needs of the mill’s ongoing pulp production capacity expansion, together with an existing evaporation line that was upgraded by Valmet in 2013. 

 Valmet will supply a six-effect evaporation line designed for dissolving pulp liquor application. The order includes main evaporator effects, a surface condenser, flash tanks, platforms and main supporting structures, a vacuum system, and vapor ducting and liquor circulation piping.

The evaporator line also includes Valmet's ICT, or internal condensate treatment, for producing clean condensate for recycling in the mill. It will have a capacity of 310 tons of water per hour, producing heavy liquor at 70 percent dry solids.