Chemical process control students at one West Virginia University campus will be able to gain hands-on experience with real-time measurement and control equipment to measure temperature, pressure, flow and level utilizing programmable logic controller (PLC) hardware and software. Installed at the Parkersburg campus, the process training unit will be used to provide training for chemical process control students studying petroleum engineering, chemical engineering, and industrial engineering.

Equipped with items from more than 15 manufacturing industry partners, the design is representative of a measurement or control “skid” commonly found within the energy industry. The skid includes pneumatic pressure and temperature control, a Coriolis mass flow meter, smart level and pressure transmitters, liquid process control valves, and other common components and systems.  The unit was designed by Pickering and Associates, a Mid-Ohio Valley engineering firm, and fabricated by Valtronics Solutions, a diverse manufacturing and services company. 

“When employees are not trained properly or adequately, industrial accidents are more likely to occur,” said Kenneth Thompson, president of Valtronics and Mustang Sampling. “We are proud to be providing this hands-on real-world experience to students — and the opportunity to be taught how to operate a process unit properly, which in-turn leads to a safe work environment. The students will have the chance to learn how to employ correct safety procedures when operating the equipment.”