Two Gruenberg dryers will be used to dry diesel particulate filters after they are washed during the recycling process.

The dryers, manufactured by Thermal Product Solutions (TPS), White Deer, Pa., are duplicates to a previous order the diesel engine manufacturer placed in 2015. The company needed the dryers to increase its production rate following a large plant and process expansion.

The two drying ovens have maximum temperature ratings of 1250°F (677°C). After the filters are washed, they contain 12 to 15 lb of water. The filters are placed in the dryers, and the temperature is ramped to 1200°F (649°C) at a controlled pace to flash off the water

Each dryer is equipped with a 1 million BTU gas burner and a variable-frequency drive-equipped, powered exhaust blower with up to 2,000 cfm capacity to remove water vapor and assist during the cooling phase.