Ship & Shore Environmental Inc. introduced a technology developed in partnership with Hydrozonix, a water quality management company. Hydroflare evaporates and treats the "produced water" that oil and gas companies generate in the fracking process. 

The technology takes natural gases produced by the fracking process and uses it to provide energy to evaporate this produced wastewater.

“Discharge of water from the fracking process to the ground creates many environmental problems. In addition, demands on fresh water supplies are mounting, as is the need to process the large volumes of produced wastewater,” said Anoosheh Oskouian, president and CEO of Ship & Shore Environmental. “We partnered with Hydrozonix to develop a technology that finally provides a solution.”

As more hydraulic fracturing wells come into operation, the stress on surface water and groundwater supplies grow more demanding. In addition, the injection of produced water into disposal wells has negatively affected some areas. Hydroflare alleviates these issues.