A 200-page Valve Technical Handbook from GF Piping Systems provides is a valuable resource for users seeking detailed valve information in an all-inclusive document. Over 20 manual valves and 22 actuated valves in a range of styles are covered, including ball, 3-way-ball, diaphragm, butterfly, check and angle seat, as well as pressure regulating valves and rotameters.

The handbook’s first section walks the reader through the process of proper thermoplastic valve selection for a given application. It discusses the process media to be used, required flow rate, valve control requirements, capability of valve to handle maximum pressure and temperature, and actuation and maintenance considerations. Charts summarize these important factors to make the valve selection process easier.

The resource also examines specialty and custom valves and provides a quick visual summary of all GF manual and actuated valves. Detailed technical information is provided, including specifications, options, pressure temperature curves, flow characteristic charts, dimensional information and more.

Download a digital version of the handbook here.