Complying with an order from federal safety regulators following a year-long court battle, a Denver-based company destroyed $40,000 worth of magnetic balls that had been the subject of a recall, according to The Denver Post.

Zen Magnets rented an industrial oven from Denver-based Metal Treating & Research Co. to dispose of approximately 500,000 magnetic balls, each about the size of a BB. The company conducted a mass burning and mock funeral for the toys, with Zen’s operations manager offering a facetious eulogy for what the magnets could have become.

The Consumer Product Safety Commission issued a recall for the magnetic spheres, which can be molded together into sculptures or artistic designs, in 2012. The CPSC asserts that the small magnet spheres are dangerous to children because if two or more balls are swallowed, they can attract, pinching and destroying intestinal tissue.

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