Powder coaters can use the coatings comparison calculator app from the Powder Coating Institute (PCI) to calculate and compare the cost of each material. PCI posted new versions of its app in the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

Using information such as volume solids, application or reclaim efficiency, specific gravity, product cost and applied thickness, the app calculates and compares the cost of each material. It offers a visual comparison between powder and liquid material cost. The app also can be used to evaluate each coating material individually. Links to information explaining the advantages of using a powder coating finish can be accessed from within the app.  App users also can view upcoming PCI events via the app.

To obtain the new version, users should remove the old app from their mobile phones and visit the Apple Store or the Google Play Store to download the new version. To locate the new version, search the store for “Coatings Comparison Calculator.” The correct app has the PCI logo.