Solar technology is getting ready to invade the world of nuts. Sunvapor, in a partnership with pistachio processor Horizon Nut, will showcase its sustainable solar collector and method for generating steam that will pasteurize, blanch and roast the nuts.

Here’s how the system works. A field of mirrored parabolic troughs direct sunlight to a receiver that’s then used to heat an intermediate working fluid, which boils water that’s used to heat, dry and clean foods. Converting energy from sunlight directly to steam reduces energy losses.

The California-based company’s solar collector is designed to cut costs and optimize the supply chain by using less energy to manufacture the structural components. The Green Parabolic Trough Collector replaces expensive steel assemblies with wood, improving both the optical and structural functions of the collector without compromising heat generation.

Click here to learn more about the solar collector from the Office of Energy Efficiency and & Renewable Energy.