I don’t have any children, but if I did, I feel confident that I wouldn’t have any favorites. I base this confidence on a lifetime with cats. Now, I’m not some crazy cat lady — I know cats are not small, furry children. Yet like a parent, I am the primary caregiver and authority figure. Though I love them all, some have been easier to love than others.

Search engines seem to feel the same way about content. They find the easy-to-love articles across the Internet and deliver them to enquiring minds. But I am proud of every issue of Process Heating, and I truly couldn’t pick a favorite. I want them all to get brought forth and shown off by a search engine, so to speak. But our earlier content (prior to 2012) isn’t optimized for search engines, and too many good articles risk being overlooked. So, to help you find articles that might otherwise not surface in a search engine, we are optimizing evergreen articles from past issues so they are easier to find. The articles included here are worthy of being my favorites (if I had any).

1. Selecting & Specifying an Industrial Oven

Having a good idea of what you are looking for in an industrial oven is the best way to get what you need. Understand how airflow, rate of rise, temperature uniformity and process control selections shape your industrial oven.

2. Expand Your Business by Expanding Your Dryer

If your dryer is creating production bottlenecks, consider whether a dryer refurbishment, upgrade or expansion will deliver the production capacity you need.

3.  Change Your Oven Profiling Strategy and Improve Paint Curing Operations

Technology and strategies can help processors monitor paint cure oven temperatures and achieve exceptional finishes with documented adherence to curing specs.

4. 10 Tips for Selecting Industrial Dryer Gears and Pinions

This article introduces you to everything you need to know about dryer gears and pinions — from types to wear to alignment to maintenance tips — and how to keep them in tip-top shape so that your dryer runs smoothly.

5. Using Helical Coil Heaters to Heat Cooking Oil

If you would like to use a helical coil heater to heat cooking oil for food processing, consider the method of heat transfer, the heater configuration, flux rate, thermal efficiency and maintenance requirements before buying the heating system.

6.  Calculating Flow and Density to Improve Industrial Fan Selection

Understand why we make corrections to the static pressure — and not the airflow rate — when calculating airflow rates for industrial process fans.

7.  Maintaining a Plate Heat Exchanger

Both reactive and proactive approaches to industrial plate heat exchanger maintenance have advantages and disadvantages. It is up to you to decide which method is best suited to your operation.

8.  How Fuel Tips Affect Industrial Burner Performance and Flame Characteristics

Sometimes called fuel injectors or nozzles, burner tips are used to control the injection of fuel into the burner. They utilize the available fuel pressure to distribute the fuel into the airstream to achieve proper mixing. Among the most important components in a burner, the tips directly impact safety, thermal efficiency, pollution emissions and operability.

9.  Is Your Oven Out of Control?

Convective heat transfer within any forced convection oven is a function of the velocity of the air in contact with the product. Controlling oven variables such as humidity and temperature will ensure your process stays in spec.

10. 5 Keys to Effective Temperature Control

Following these five design principles can help ensure success in industrial process temperature control.

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