TraceNet TCM2 makes it possible to remotely maintain heat trace circuits that play a critical role in industrial processing facilities. Suited for use with single and dual heat trace circuits, it can be used to help operators better monitor and control temperatures of pipes, tanks and heated instruments. It is specifically designed to handle one-, two- or three-phase electrical heating circuits and confined spaces. It can be operated locally, by remote control or networked via wireless or hard-wire to a computer or distributed control system (DCS) in the facility’s control room. The system continuously monitors every setpoint, including temperature, current and ground-leakage current. It then reports locally and transmits key data remotely to the control room. For example, should the temperature or electrical current be too low or high, or should high ground leakage current be detected, the dual-circuit control unit senses and reports it. The operator can review each circuit for temperature, ground current, heater current, the frequency at which it is performing, and alarm status.

Thermon Group Holdings Inc.