10. Finding the Correct Dryer for Paper-Pulp Packaging

Once formed, molded-fiber packaging must be dried in a hot-air convection oven with specific characteristics. Read more!

9. Saving Energy and Operating Costs through Heat Recovery

Take a look at various methods and systems for recovering heat from a regenerative thermal oxidizer. Read more!

8. Understanding ID Eddy-Current Inspection of Heat Exchanger Tubing

Eddy-current testing can be a useful tool when it is planned for a specific purpose, and the manufacturer, fabricator and owner-operator communicate effectively. Read more!

7. Using Ultra-Low Water Content, On-Demand Boilers

Traditional high pressure steam boilers serve effectively, but they present safety hazards should a pressure-vessel breach occur. Boiler designs with low water content and on-demand operation hold less water and, therefore, potential for steam flash off. Read more!

6. Improving Process Heating in Refineries with Welded Plate Heat Exchangers

Compact welded heat exchangers can perform the same duty as larger shell-and-tube units in a smaller footprint. In refinery applications where space is limited, compact welded heat exchangers provide advantages. Read more!

5. Explosion Occurred During Tank Welding at Louisiana Plant, CSB Investigating

An explosion at the Packaging Corporation of America (PCA) plant in DeRidder, La., killed three workers and reportedly injured seven on Wednesday Feb. 8. A three-person investigative team from the U.S. Chemical Safety Board (CSB) immediately deployed to the scene to investigate. Read more!

4. 4 Ways to Maximize Your Steam Boiler’s Cycles of Concentration

Improve your steam heating return on investment by optimizing the cycles of concentration, enabling a higher condensate return. Other strategies include producing higher quality makeup water and implementing remote continuous operation and monitoring. Read more!

3. Family of Man Crushed During Industrial Oven Repair Drops Suit Against Oven Builder

The family of a man killed when the counterweight on an industrial oven door crushed him has dropped a federal lawsuit against the maker and designer of the industrial equipment he was trying to repair.  Aleksandr L. "Sasha" Berelovich, 54, of Newport News, Va., a maintenance mechanic for Craft Machine Works in Hampton, Va., was crushed to death as he attempted repairs on the oven door at Craft Machine Works. Read more!

2. Common Failures in High Temperature Fans

Lessons learned from the production line: real-world fan failures help illustrate how and why fan bearings, wheels and shafts fail in industrial heating equipment. Read more!

1. Steam Generator Explosion at Box Plant Kills 4

A three-person investigative team from the U.S. Chemical Safety Board will investigate an incident that killed four people and injured four others on April 3 at the Loy-Lange Box Co. in St. Louis. Read more!