A manufacturer of automotive parts added an industrial oven to cure rubber automotive hoses. Wisconsin Oven Corp., East Troy, Wis., shipped the natural gas direct-fired batch oven with a separate cooling chamber.

The unit, which has a maximum temperature rating of 500°F (260°C), has sufficient capacity to heat 300 lb of steel and 300 lb of rubber from 70 to 350°F (21 to 177°C) within 45 minutes when loaded into an ambient oven. Guaranteed temperature uniformity of ±10°F (5.5°C) at 350°F was proven by a nine-point profile test.

The oven is constructed with tongue-and-groove panel assemblies connected via Wisconsin Oven’s high efficiency panel seams. The company says its panel seam design provides 25 percent better insulating efficiency.

The oven is rated for Class A use with the capacity to dilute the products of combustion produced during the process and render them nonflammable.