Sixteen competitors from around the world participated in the Hand Soldering World Championship. IPC — Association Connecting Electronics Industries hosted the event, in cooperation with productronica 2017, on November 17. 

With a functional board and score of 473 out of a possible 500, the winner was Zhang Yi of China. Second place went to Vietnam’s Vu Thi Xuan, and third place went to Hasrol Mizom Hosson of Malaysia.

Assemblies were judged on soldering in accordance with IPC-A-610F Class 3 criteria. Other criteria included the speed at which the assembly was produced and overall electrical functionality of the assembly. Judges were from China, Estonia, France, Holland and the United States.

“The world championship hand soldering competition required the competitors to hone their best skills and focus on a very complex board,” said Kris Roberson, IPC director of certification. “Of the 16 competitors, only six completed a functional board.”