Bepex Industrial Flash Dryer Designed to Efficiently Process Wet Cakes, Pastes, Slurries

The Bepex PCX Dispersion Flash Dryer is designed to efficiently and effectively process wet cakes, pastes and slurries, including high-moisture and heat-sensitive feed materials. Intense mixing increases product surface area to ensure rapid evaporation for high drying efficiency, which creates a uniform final product. Applications include food, mineral and chemical processing.

The PCX dispersion unit operates as part of a system to produce uniform product free of lumps and includes air heater with economizer, wet cake feeder, dry solids feeder (if back mix is required), turbulizer mixer (if back mix is required), fan, baghouse or cyclone, and airlock.

To meet specific process requirements, components—such as dispersion plates and multiple feed inlets—can be customized. User-friendly operation includes a hinged access door for easy maintenance, inspection and cleaning. Designed on a compact footprint, the PCX dryer helps to increase processing efficiencies compared to larger drying technologies such as ring dryers and spray dryers.

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Watt-Flex® Split-Sheath Cartridge Heaters Reduce Your Cost of Heating

Watt Flex

Watt-Flex® Heaters transfer heat more efficiently, last longer, and are easier to replace than conventional heaters, dramatically reducing the cost of process heating. Split-sheath design allows heaters to expand when energized for wall-to-wall contact and maximized heat transfer, even in oversized bores. A continuous coil eliminates cold sections, ensures a uniform temperature profile, and enables a hot tip option.  Denser magnesium oxide compaction provides superior heat conduction to the sheath, higher operating temperatures, cooler internal operation, and up to 5 times longer life.

Watt-Flex heaters contract when de-energized for warranted removability from bores, eliminating drill-outs and reducing maintenance time, damage to the bore, and machine downtime.

Reduced operating/energy costs, significantly longer heater life, and reduced maintenance and changeout costs all combine to achieve a 40% reduction in the Cost of Heating on average.

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Heatec’s Three-Pass Heater Has Coil-in-Coil Design

thermal fluid heater

Thermal fluid heater employs a fired burner and two helical coils, one inside the other, to provide up to twice the life of other three-pass heaters while providing the required amount of heating. Hot burner gases pass through the center of the smaller coil and double back between it and the larger coil. They then travel back between the outer diameter of the larger coil and the heater shell. Its lower flux rate means that its helical coils is subjected to much lower thermal energy, especially radiant energy, than is usual in a three-pass heater. This also means that thermal fluid flowing inside the coils will have a much lower film temperature. To achieve the lower flux rate, the heater is somewhat larger than a three-pass heater with higher flux rates.

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Fry and Bake with MultiTherm’s PG-1 Food-Grade Heat Transfer Fluid in an Indirect Heating Loop

MultiTherm PG-1

Suited for use in indirect heating loops for frying and baking, MultiTherm PG-1 is a nontoxic, colorless and odorless food-grade heat transfer fluid that has an operating temperature above 600°F (316°C). In the food processing industry, it is acceptable for use as a heat transfer fluid in plants operating under the Federal Meat and Poultry Inspection Program. It does not contain any components recognized as hazardous chemicals under OSHA Hazard Communication Standard. In addition, the fluid is FDA certified, USDA acceptable, NSF HT-1 approved for incidental contact, Kosher certified, and food certified in Canada.

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