Achieving an operating temperature of more than 1382°F (750°C) using rod-shaped heating cartridges in a small-diameter housing can be difficult. Such heating cartridges are increasingly required for applications in fuel-cell construction, battery technology, aviation and factory automation and casting technology. Model HHP was developed for application temperatures of up to 1832°F (1000°C). The austenitic, heat-resistant, solid-solution alloy is manufactured from Incoloy. It serves as the sleeve material instead of stainless steel. The controlled composition of carbon, aluminum, titanium, silicon and manganese provides a longer service life than other steel materials, says the manfucturer. The heating element can be supplied with an integrated thermocouple and is offered in three diameters: 0.49, 0.63 and 0.79" (12.5, 16 and 20 mm).

Hotset America Corp.