A new program, dubbed Select, allows uses to identify, configure and purchase some of Watlow’s electric heater, temperature sensor, temperature controller and power controller products. Original equipment manufacturers, authorized Watlow distributors and end user customers can all use the online tool.

From the online interfaces, users can choose a product, design it to fit their application, access drawings and technical content, and place an order. Most products are shipped in five days or less, says Watlow. Products included via the Select program include Firerod cartridge heaters, screw plug heaters, ANSI flange heaters, circulation heaters, Watconnect control panels, mineral-insulated thermocouples, general application thermocouples, RTD sensors, Fluent in-line heaters, F4T temperature controllers, D4T data loggers, EZ-Zone PM controllers, EZ-Zone RM controllers and Din-a-mite power controllers.