Watlow, St. Louis, Mo., acquired Yarbrough Solutions Worldwide, a semiconductor equipment solutions provider that services semiconductor fabrication companies globally by developing, installing and servicing solutions at its customers’ fabrication plants. In performing these services, the Austin, Texas-based company has long utilized Watlow product offerings such as electric heaters, temperature sensors, temperature controllers and power controllers.

“Adding Yarbrough’s know-how and expertise to Watlow’s suite of thermal system capabilities enhances our ability to serve customers through the entire semiconductor fabrication process, from the tool to the scrubber, to ensure thermal optimization of the complete system,” said Rob Gilmore, vice president and general manager of Watlow’s semiconductor business unit.

A key element of the acquisition is a South Korean joint venture that enhances Watlow’s presence in the region. This joint venture between Watlow and its partner, Global Standard Technology Co. Ltd., will be named Watlow Pacific Inc.