An online document that defines “the baseline knowledge and experience required to be considered competent to perform” furnace brazing in aerospace special process manufacturing was released. The body of knowledge (BoK) — or set of concepts, terms and activities that make up a professional domain, according to Wikipedia — addresses vacuum and non-vacuum brazing. The document constitutes the eQualified BoK for the planner role in vacuum and non-vacuum furnace brazing. The eQualified Brazing subteam, with approval from the eQualified Management Council, produced the arrangement.

The BoK includes the aerospace industry’s expectations for a process planner’s knowledge and experience of furnace brazing, says the eQualified Management Council. It contains topics such as brazing procedure qualification and specification, vacuum equipment and process requirements, and atmosphere (non-vacuum) equipment and process requirements. Based on a template issued by the International Aerospace Quality Group, the ontology includes knowledge and skills required by personnel operating in specific special process areas.

The eQualified Management Council also offers training certification services to furnace brazing training providers serving the aerospace manufacturing industry.

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