Sigma Thermal and ElectraTherm have combined forces to offer a waste-to-power packaged solution for oil-and-gas facilities and wastewater treatment plants. The Emission Reduction and Power System is comprised of Sigma Thermal’s process heater and ElectraTherm’s compact organic rankine cycle (ORC) generator.

Sigma Thermal’s process heating system converts waste gas to hot water, which provides the energy needed to power ElectraTherm’s Power+ generator. In oil-and-gas production and refining facilities where natural gas is being flared, the system can be used to convert waste fuel to electricity, minimizing flaring and reducing emissions. At wastewater treatment plants producing biogas, the emission-reduction system eases management of gases containing hydrogen sulfide or siloxane contaminants, say the companies.

It is designed for ease of transport, installation and operation as well as to meet emissions requirements and local codes. The companies note that a key benefit is the system produces power from an unutilized resource.