1. Ethernet Cameras for Visual Monitoring Inside a Furnace

ethernet furnace camera

Series 6935SCE allows users to output real-time, high resolution, color video images to distributed control systems (DCSs), programmable logic controllers (PLCs), supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) systems, and a real-time web server to broadcast images on the plant’s local network. The digital camera systems offer clear image quality in variable lighting conditions and are Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) capable, allowing the camera to draw its power over the connected network cable and eliminating the need for a separate power supply.

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2. Cascade Heat Exchanger Technology

heat exchangers

Shell-and-helix heat exchanger is intended for use in ammonia/carbon dioxide (CO2) cascade refrigeration systems. The heat exchanger design incorporates stainless steel construction for corrosion resistance and long life. Other features include a compact design that provides a large heat transfer surface in small volume.

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3. Preinsulated Plastic Piping Solution for Glycol Applications

pipe insulation

Cool-Fit ABS Plus has a core pipe made of ABS, which is insulated with high density polyurethane (PUR). The insulation is protected with a black polyethylene jacket that is watertight and UV resistant, making it suitable for outdoor use. In addition, the entire system is diffusion- and vapor-tight.

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4. IoT Sensors Integrate with Cloud-Based Conditioning-Monitoring System

Computerized maintenance management software (CMMS) can integrate IoT sensors to measure temperature and vibration levels of equipment such as motors, gearboxes and generators. The sensors generate real-time data that is transmitted via the internet in the cloud-based CMMS. Users can run the internet-based CMMS independently to manage failure or preventive work order/maintenance activities.

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5. Thermoelectric Assemblies Optimize Chamber Cooling Performance

chamber cooling

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6. Hygienic Drying in a Vacuum Spherical Dryer for API Production

Spherical dryer is designed for isolating and drying active pharmaceutical ingredients (API) after wet chemical processes. Rosenmund design offers features such as fast drying, mixing and granulation; ease of cleaning (WIP/CIP); total product discharge; a short drying time due to a high heat transfer design; and explosion pressure shock-resistant construction.

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7. Direct-Fire, Nozzle-Mix Burner Offers Compact Design

direct fire nozzle burner

North American Tempest SE offers multi-fuel capability, with various nozzle options, and enables any control methodology, including pulse firing, excess air or stoichiometric. The direct-fire, nozzle-mix industrial burner has a compact design that can improve temperature uniformity, product quality and system efficiency, says the manufacturer.

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8. Boiler Burner Has Flame-Retention Head Design

boiler burner

With models available in the 400 to 2,500 MBH firing range, the EJB Series has an proprietary flame-retention head design to maintain stable and efficient combustion in many furnace configurations and conditions. The burners are factory wired, assembled and tested. Other features include the ability to fire multiple applications with the same burner configuration; operate in upright or inverted-housing configurations; and fire natural, liquid propane or digester gas.

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9. Cloth Insulators Help Improve Thermal Efficiency for Pipes, Tanks and Vessels

cloth pipe insulators

Configurable system of cloth insulators are constructed of durable high temperature cloth, 1”-thick needle-punched fiberglass insulation and hook-and-loop closures to ease installation and removal. Intended for applications in the process industries, including petrochemical, oil and gas, and plastics, the Silver Series is offered in versions for straight pipes, valves, elbows, T connections and flanges. Potential uses include wrapping pipes, tanks, vessels or steam lines to maximize thermal efficiency. The insulators improve safety by protecting users from burns.

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10. Electrical Infrared Ovens for Research and Development

new products

Ovens designed to cook, color, melt, disinfect or mature food products such as bacon, chicken, burgers, salmon, dough, vegetables cheese. The Infrabaker R&D is designed for the use in research environments and offers food developers insights in the numerous possibilities of using electrical infrared for new products under development. The compact and mobile solution is designed for processing smaller production numbers.

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