Offered in three series, fogging fans provide a cool fog for industrial spot cooling. Hydro SS 700 Series is designed for quiet performance and is available in three configurations: direct feed, bench-top fogger and hanging sump fogger. Suited for cooling and humidification, the fogging fans do not have nozzles and are insensitive to water quality. Other features include an adjustable fogging output with particles averaging 50 microns, and fogging capacity up to 3.5 gal/min. The GT500 Series is capable of cooling a 1,000 ft2 area as a stationary unit. It cools larger areas with the optional oscillating motor accessory. Features include quiet operation (70 dba at 10’) with fogging rates of up to 15 gal/min and operation with water supply pressures as low as 10 psi. Mobile and self-contained, the HRSM Series is designed for indoor or outdoor environments with 100 percent humidity. Features include the ability to project cool air up to 35’ and an 18-gal water reservoir with internally submerged pump with water level gage.