A gas-fired car-bottom oven with a fume incinerator will be used by a company in the oil-and-gas industry for prebaking drill-pipe joints. Manufactured and shipped by Wisconsin Oven, East Troy, Wis., the industrial oven is capable of heating 70,000 lb of steel from a cold start to 750°F within 75 minutes. The load car is designed for a maximum load of 172,000 lb.

The heavy-duty unit has a maximum operating temperature of 800°F. Temperature uniformity of ±30°F at 750°F was verified through a 20-point profile test conducted in an empty oven chamber under static operating conditions, according to the company.

The fume incinerator is designed to incinerate the exhaust fumes from the oven and has sufficient capacity to handle 5,000 cfm of exhaust.