An East Coast bakery installed a catalytic oxidizer for the abatement of volatile organic compounds (VOCs).

The primary source of emissions at a bakery is the oven, which produces VOCs and CO2 from the release of compounds formed in the yeast fermentation process. The main VOC emitted from bakery operations is ethanol. Catalytic and regenerative thermal oxidation are identified as the most appropriate existing control technologies applicable to VOC emissions from bakery ovens.

Catalytic Products International (CPI) worked closely with the bakery to define, select and engineer the equipment best suited to safely and effectively treat the emissions. The exhaust gases emitted from two individual ovens were ducted to a 3,000 scfm Vector-3 catalytic oxidizer mounted on the roof of the bakery. The oxidizer provides a minimum 98 percent VOC destruction efficiency and a thermal efficiency of 70 percent. CPI prepiped and wired the oxidizer before shipment to ensure quick installation time with minimal mistakes, which led to a short startup and commissioning time frame.